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The Bernie Light Brigade was created one late Friday night during a phone call between Aidan King, Ben Cohen, and Jerry Greenfield. Their goal? Turn activists into walking, glowing billboards for Bernie in a fun and easy way. The ice cream mavens pitched the idea to King, and two weeks later, King and his group of 500+ volunteers ran with it and have since held over 100 events in cities across the country.

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The Bernie Light Brigade is a project inspired by the work done by activist group Overpass Light Brigade. After a flurry of phone calls and emails in late November 2015, Grassroots for Sanders teamed up with Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (the individuals, not the corporation), who created their own sign and kickstarted the project. The project's initial launch was so popular that the traffic brought down the Overpass Light Brigade's site, and it has since been featured on and USA Today. Ben, Jerry, and Aidan King (co-founder of Grassroots for Sanders and the Light Brigade) all live in Vermont — the state where Bernie served as mayor, House Representative, and then as one of the most popular Senators in the country. There, they all became enamored with Bernie and what he stands for, and have since devoted countless hours spreading Bernie's message and raising awareness for progressive activism.